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A Beginner’s Guide to Telling Good Bodyline from Bad Bodyline


Since I know a lot of newer Lolitas will be looking into buying from Bodyline because of the shipping campaign I felt like it would be a good time to share some tips for buying from Bodyline. As you may or may not already know, there are Lolitas who look down on Bodyline because they’re cheap and are known for the bad quality items they had in the past. But there is definitely a way to wear Bodyline and make other Lolitas go “Wow, that’s Bodyline? It looks great!” (Okay, that’s a little dramatic but it’s true! I’ve actually said that before!)

One sure way to make Bodyline look great is to go for their more simple dresses. A lot of Bodyline pieces that get a bad rep are because they are too busy. There are too many trims, too much lace, the print is too crazy, etc. Also, a lot of the time when Bodyline uses a lot of lace, it’s not very good quality lace.

Here is a good example of a simple Bodyline dress:

It’s simple and elegant but still has really pretty details. If you want something with a little more detail though, this dress is another good example:

It has more details and lace, but the lace is good quality and blends well with the dresses.

Bodyline also has a lot of very nice prints. If you go for their floral prints, it will be less obvious that it’s Bodyline, but if you go for their original prints, it will be very obvious. Now this doesn’t mean that they aren’t great prints, it just means that they need some good coordination to give it that “wow” factor.

Something else to keep in mind is to stay out of Bodyline’s “Seperates” section. This usually means that the pieces sold are matching dress and blouse combos. This is bad because since they match, that makes the pieces less versatile. Also, they tend to put a lot of just really bad items in this section. Also be on the look out for things like sailor outfits and things with aprons which are quite obviously better for cosplay than Lolita. (This excludes Sailor Lolita of course but it can take a trained eye to tell the difference.)

That all being said, here are a few examples of bad Bodyline pieces.

This is a classic example of not just bad Bodyline, but bad Lolita. The black dress covered in white lace is an “ita” staple. It’s often seen at anime conventions as “lolita cosplay” and is generally very bad quality. As you can see in the picture, the lace is very thin and also awkwardly placed which adds to the low quality look.

This piece seems to be fairly popular for some reason. I’ve seen it at a lot of anime conventions which makes me think that it’s popular because it has that “kawaii” anime waitress look. And while it may be fine for a maid or waitress cosplay, it isn’t Lolita. The skirt is too short and looks especially bad with the petticoat sticking out as much as it does. The apron also throws it off and makes it look very much like a cosplay.

This little gem is a Bodyline classic, dug up from their store rooms I assume and put back up for sale in their separates section because it’s popular with the cosplay lolita crowd. This is another example of a skirt being too short and bad lace. the lace looks very cheap and thin, not to mention scratchy. The cut is also very awkward, going up the neck and then turning down into a collar in a very unflattering way.

Now that you have this little set of tips (which actually turned out to be much longer than I had originally planned) I wish you luck with your Bodyline buying. If you have already purchased one of the bad Bodyline items, don’t fret! Chances are they can be modified fairly easily with a little work.

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